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[IP] RE: New pump

>I got my new pump last week. It is called Lantus. I have been
>really pleased
>with it. It only costs thirty bucks, too. I have to get a new one
>in a month,
>and again every month. It requires NO support stuff, either. No
>infusion sets,
>no special tape, it is WATERPROOF too.
>No batteries, no special IV prep, this pump works really well. I
>don't think it
>will work for anyone ELSE on this list, but I just thought I would
>mention it to
>make you all ENVIOUS!
>Nick Trubov
>email @ redacted

I am not envious.  With your Lantus you only have one basal profile and
cannot increase it in the morning to deal with the dawn phenomenon.
Besides, my pump looks like a pager and I have a choice of designer colors
to make me stand out in a crowd.  The only time you will stand out in a
crowd is when you exercise strenuously and could not reduce your basal rate

John Kinsley
Type 1 - 1956
MiniMed 507 - 1998
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