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In a message dated 6/4/01 10:11:24 AM Central Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> Once again, I am appealing to you experts in pumping for some help.  I
> will be training a person who is blind, to go on the pump.  Which of the
> many pumps from any of the 3 companies would be the best choice, given
> the fact that this person will be using mostly touch and hearing to
> complete the various functions (site changes, primes, boluses, etc.)
> Any basal rate changes will be done with the help of a support person,
> or in our clinic.
> Waiting to hear your opinions!!!
> Bonnie A. Stone, RD, CDE, Certified Pump Trainer

My sil's cousin went on a pump in dec and she is legally blind.
I know the dahedi has a special attachment for sight impaired people.
If it helps the d-tron has different tones for different things, if you are 
bolusing the up button makes different pitches than when you hit the up 
button etc.  Vibrations seem like they would help too.
I have a raised circle over my up button by the way that helps with finding 
the right button.
Can't comment on other pumps...
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