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Re: [IP] RE: lantus

At 10:07 PM 6/4/2001 Meredith, Susan wrote:
 >>> I got my new pump last week. It is called Lantus.
 >cute :)  But seriously, if Lantus is truely non-peaking like I have read,
 >wouldn't be a great addition to insulin-pump therapy?? You could adjust the
 >dose of your lantus to match your lowest required basal rate.

The way my doctor explained it is, that all long acting insulins don't 
actually release very evenly over the whole time they are active. So you 
might get a little more at one time than at another time... in other words, 
it's not totally predictable, despite what the graphs look like. In 
addition, once you take the injection you can't change your mind. With a 
pump you can reduce your basals temporarily if you are planning on doing 
more strenuous activity.

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