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[IP] RE: lantus

>> I got my new pump last week. It is called Lantus. 

cute :)  But seriously, if Lantus is truely non-peaking like I have read,
wouldn't be a great addition to insulin-pump therapy?? You could adjust the
dose of your lantus to match your lowest required basal rate. Then re-adjust
all of your basals to be incremental from that. (For instance if you are
0.20 overnight, and 0.30 in the day, you would use Lantus to cover the 0.20
and then run a 0.0 basal overnight and a 0.10 basal in the day; boluses
would all stay the same). That would remove the greatest risk of pumping -
rapid DKA from non-delivery. You'd still have all the flexibility and
predictability you currently have. Might be great for kids. I'll have to
watch and talk to my son's endo about how Lantus really performs ... What do
you guys think of that approach?

Mom to Ryan (4 years old and pumping since 8/19/00!) 
and Celia (7 years old and non-diabetic)
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