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[IP] RE: New Pump

I got my new pump last week. It is called Lantus. I have been really
pleased with it. It only costs thirty bucks, too. I have to get a new
one in a month, and again every month. It requires NO support stuff,
either. No infusion sets, no special tape, it is WATERPROOF too.
No batteries, no special IV prep, this pump works really well. I don't
think it will work for anyone ELSE on this list, but I just thought I
would mention it to make you all ENVIOUS!
Great to hear Nick.
   MY pump allows me to set MANY different basal rates during the day,
AND also allows me the opportunity to TURN IT OFF during exercise. I
hope someday that $30 pump of yours will allow you the same opportunity.
I am envious! *tongue in cheek trying not to bite too hard*
Ken Buchholz
Pumping with the "rich man's pump" since 4/4/01 <G>
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