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[IP] Can't get the hang of a square wave bolus

I'm writing for some advise for my nephew Joe.  He is 13 years old and has 3 
different profiles on his MM508.  12:00am = .08, 4:00am = 1.2 and 8:00pm = 
.09.  He has days that are perfect, right on target throughout the day.  
Today was a great day.  He suffers with a lot of high's in the mornings and 
we just can't seem to get it under control.  Many mornings he wakes with BG's 
between 180-220.  Believed to be dawn phenomena by his diabetes team.  As any 
child his age he really enjoys McDonalds and pizza but these really do a 
number on his numbers.  We just can't seem to get the square wave bolus to 
work for this.  Joe has been on the pump for 6 months now.  Thanks for your 
feedback regarding your hints on the tape sticking problems.
Ana (Aunt of Joseph)
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