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[IP] Re: Question about blood sugar

    You should definately get your Mum to visit her doctor and have him order 
the bg tests.  I myself would also be inclined to check at random, like you 
are suggesting.  But the more controlled test, done when fasting I believe, 
should be more accurate.  Then, if that is inconclusive, continue to have her 
test occasionally.  
    Claire's school teacher last year was told her bg was a bit on the high 
side and to come back in a year.  Well she was upset and so when I tested 
Claire at lunch time, I tested her teacher too!  Then I gave her an extra 
meter so she could monitor it herself from time to time.  A year is a long 
time to wait.  
P.S.  Follow up and make sure your doctor fills out those forms!!

Barbara, Mum of Claire 7
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