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[IP] Re: What would be the best pump for a blind pumper

    I agree with Sylvia.  The H-tron would work pretty well.  Actually today 
I haven't even looked at Claire's pump, and she has done several of her 
boluses with it in her sleep sock, pinned to her pajamas.
    You could prime the pump easily: push the two raised buttons together 
puts the pump in stop mode.  Then, one push of the side button puts the pump 
in auto prime mode.  Push all three buttons together and the pump 
automatically primes 20 units, enough to completely fill the 43 inch tubing.  
You can hear the motor doing this, and it beeps when it is finished.  Then 
pressing the 2 raised buttons together puts the pump back into run mode and 
you are ready to go after inserting your new set.

   Boluses, of course, are done by the audible beeps, default mode is .5 
unit, but this can be set lower if desired.  So if Claire wants a 1.5 unit 
bolus, she pushes a raised button--beep,beep--then she pushes the button 
again for each .5 unit.  The confirmation beeps (one for each press, each .5 
unit) will sound a few seconds later.  Insulin delivery starts a few seconds 
later.  You can cancel a bolus by pressing buttons at any time, including in 
mid-bolus if desired.  
    Errors would all sound with the same type of beep--low battery, low 
insulin remaining etc.  
    As we have only had the H-tron 2 months, perhaps others can tell you more.

Barbara, Mum of Claire 7
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