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[IP] pump cases and watches

Hi - I had a couple of quick questions - my 5 year old has the mini-med 508
- does anyone know of anywhere else you can get pump cases - more for
kids?? We have a blue and a red neoprene zipper case from Minimed, but
wondered if anyone made others for kids - with different patterns, etc??

Does anyone with young kids use a watch with an alarm to remind their kids
to bolus?? Adam is in junior kindergarten, and we've been using a clock
radio alarm all year, but sometimes kids play with it, or the power goes
out, and it doesn't go off, and the teacher forgets, and he misses his
insulin after snack. She suggested a watch with multiple alarms, either a
kid size one for him to wear, or a bigger one that you could take the strap
off and have in his pump case. That way the alarm goes with him. Any ideas
on good (not too expensive) watches with one or more alarms??

Also, a couple of weeks ago, he had a day old site in his bum, and bumped
it against the couch, and was screaming and crying. We literally had to rip
it out! He's bumped it before, and said "Ow, my site", but has never
freaked out like this? Could it have hit a nerve or muscle? Has this
happened to anyone else before??


Linda, mom to Adam, 5 years old, pumping with Beep-Beep, MM508 for over 1
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