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[IP] To Ellerbecker re High BG reading on her mom

I have also done the post prandial testing on myself (my skinny Dad and 
skinny uncle had type 2, so I assume I am at risk, and I am skinny too- you 
know they say it correlates with obesity, LOL).  Anyway, my readings after a 
bagel and OJ were 240!  My doctor said I might be prediabetic, but wasn't 
concerned.  But I phoned a local diabetologist, and his CDE said I absolutely 
should be concerned.  My daughter's CDE said anything over 200 is considered 
diabetes.  I figured I have impaired glucose tolerance, which may be 
prediabetic.  But, I also figure I don't want it on my insurance, so I don't 
plan to have it diagnosed formally.  I can check with my daughter's meter, 
and keep it in check by myself, and have the yearly HBA1C done.  Bet your 
life I don't eat 54 gram bagels with OJ anymore!!!  And, I also have resumed 
my fanatic exercise program, which should help me avoid type 2.
Tell your mom to stay away from simple carbohydrates, and eat healthy, and 
exercise!  Heck, tell everyone that!
Allison, Mom of Amanda, 5, dx'd 12/98, pumping 2/01 MM508
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