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RE: [IP] Re: Highest BG poll

My highest was 1100 when I was dx'd.The nurse had to
tell my mom to take me straight to the ER,I didn't
want to go.(and I certainly wasn't complaining about
how bad I felt) When I walked into the ER,the triage
nurse asked me what my blood sugar was.The other nurse
had told me 1100,so I told her( I really didn't have a
clue what that all meant,other then diabetes) and she
thought I was either mistaken or lying.She checked the
paperwork and said,"Oh,you were telling the truth!" 
I was kind of drowsy for the next 6 hours in there
till my bg dropped,and I developed a splitting
headache.But I was fully conscious to answer all their
questions,they still didn't leave me alone.I was so
dehydrated from DKA that my potassium levels were
screwed up,and that had gotten my heart rhytms out of
whack.So I had so many machines and moniters attached
to me I certainly felt like I was dying! Any remaining
bodily fluids were extracted by the ER docs.
 But,I survived in spite of that!
                Dx'd 12/10/98
                Pumping 4/23/01 

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