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	Thanks to all those 65 pumpers who provided data on basal and 
bolus insulin.  I've put the results in a graph in a PDF file that 
I'll send to anyone who emails me.   I've already sent it (along with 
this email) directly to all who provided data.  The bottom line is 
that there is a fairly good correlation (R= 0.67) between Body weight 
and basal insulin requirements.    This is not too surprising, since 
one might expect more tissue to require more insulin.  The linear 
regression shows that for every 10 lbs the basal rate should change 
by 1.25 U per day.  As you might imagine, however, there is a lot of 
scatter.  The one question that maybe some individuals have knowledge 
about, is whether this same relation would hold within an individual, 
that is, if one lost 10 lbs, would your basal drop by this amount.
  	The more interesting finding, however, was that there was a 
remarkably strong correlation (R=0.85) between body weight and the 
carb/ins ratio.   This correlation spans the gamut of body weights 
way down to the youngest children.  For a 10 lb increase in body 
weight, the carb/insulin ratio decreases by 0.86.  It is not entirely 
clear to me why heavier people should require more insulin to 
metabolize the same amount of carbohydrate as a lighter person. 
There may be an important message here if someone can figure it out.
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