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Re: [IP] Question about Sleeping & Eating

>About 3-5 nights/early mornings a week (while I am sleeping), between the
>hours of 1:00 AM and 4:00 AM I get up and eat something. I usually end up
>eating something sweet, like a doughnut or candy, forget to bolus, and wake
>up about 6:30 AM with a 250-350 BS reading.  I am not low when I wake up to
>go into the kitchen. I have done multiple tests to verify that I am not
>going low when I get up.  The problem with this is that I usually do not
>remember getting up during the night. My wife either tells me I have gotten
>up, or I have to wait until the next morning and see a candy wrapper on the
>counter, or test and wonder why I am so high that morning.  It happened this
>morning too.

To let you know oyu aren't alone:

I've had this exact problem for decades on MDI and now on the pump.  I call
it "sleep eating".  The times I've been able to wake myself up form teh
automatioc food eating syndrome and tested; I've not been hypo!  Night
hypos are not a reason for this with me.  THey could be a cuse for you

I can offer no solutions for this.  To minimize the problem I don;t keep
anything i the house that can be easily consumed w/o preparation.  This
usually forces me to eat crackers with butter as opposed to a bucket of ice
cream. ;-/

Sorry I can't help but you aren't alone in this pattern.

Darrin Parker - Nova Scotia, Canada!
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