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[IP] Animas pump covers

Lyndy said:
> >  Interesting -- how many colors, etc....?
> According to the Animas Accessories List that came with our pump (effective 
> 3/1/01)  there are 10 "standard" colors (black, white, silver, blue, red, 
> orange, green, hot pink, yellow, and purple) and 5 "Lux" colors (Rainbow, 
> Bronze, Tahitian, Purple Haze, and Cinnamon).  You can see a few of the pump 
> cover colors on the Animas web site, and actually "try them on" the virtual 
> pump they have there . . .
> .....
> Sure, these pump covers are just a cosmetic thing, but it really does help 
> her feel good about wearing her pump proudly, instead of wanting to hide it . 
> . .

Two other things I will add about the pump covers:  

1) Though the covers are not marketed as protection, I have a major
scratch mark on my R1000 that would have been prevented by using a cover.  
(Okay, okay, I, Mr SmoothMove, was showing my daughter how to run, jump
into the air, do a 360 twist, and land safely...I hit the doorway/wall,
pump first) Now, I keep a cover on it all the time.  A six dollar cover is
pretty cheap scratch protection.

2) Also, if one is worried about the so-caled, "seat belt bolus," that has
been addressed in the Dtron by the addition of the adhesive ring around
the button, the pump cover serves a similar function because it recesses
the buttons on the face, somewhat.  However, I should mention that
repeated pressing of any single button on the face of the pump does not
result in a bolus delivery.

--Tad Seyler
  dx T1 1/80, pumpin' since 4/01
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