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[IP] To Eileen

SNIP>>>>>>>>i use the 23 inch 
tube with 9mm canula. i mean could my pump get clogged so 
much?? what is 
going on. thanks again eileen<<<<SNIP
Hi Eileen, 
My experience has been similar, so that when I have two highs 
after a new sight, I change sites.  Usually with good results.  
Humalog works fast with me, or I should say as predicted, because 
If by bgs are going up 30 minutes after site change, I give 3 units of 
insulin, check again in another 30 minutes and if if hasn't gone 
down, I change sites and repeat the procedure.  Sometimes I have 
a site that must be old and scarred inside...sometimes I have 
inserted the sil too deeply (very shallow works best for me). I do go 
through a lot of sils infusion packages, but I figure that's life.   

Don't know if it would work for you, but whenever I get two highs in 
a row after bolusing, I change sites.  You might try it.  I don't 
believe it is occlusion  (sp),  I just think the sight is not a good one. 
All those years of shots in the same area, plus over 5 years of 
infusion sets, I have just gotten some spots that won't absorb 
anymore.  My legs, top and outside of thighs have been great for 
good delivery. 
Good luck!
Bonnie Richardson
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