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[IP] Re: What is the norm...

In a message dated 6/3/01 10:59:18 PM, email @ redacted writes:

>It would seem to me that the person who uses an
>average of .5 u/hour would be extremily insulin
>sensitive.That works out to about 12 U in basal,and if
>that was 50% of the TDD you'd only be taking about 24
>U/a few U more or less a day.Most adults,based on
>weight would take 30+ a day

When I wrote that my trainer started me at 0.5/hr.  I was telling the truth. 
I am T1 and have been for 48 years.  My basals have been adjusted and go 
anywhere from .1 to 1.0 (early morning). I average between 25 and 32 units 
per day TDD. And according to the Pumping book by Walsh, that is what someone 
my weight would take. I am not underweight either. ;->
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