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[IP] Re: Change out problems/bs to high

<< Are you priming the pump at the time of change? I just sent a message 
 that a few minutes ago, if you are not. That last prime, after insertion is 
 very important.
 Susan >>

Hi Susan,
    Yes, Claire uses an H-tron which primes easily and I always remember to 
bolus .5 unit after inserting the Quick-Set. 
    Today, for I think the first time, she did NOT go high after a site 
change.  I think perhaps the stress of site changes may cause the high bgs.  
She gets so worked up about them, its frustrating for a mom.  Especially 
because the Quick-Sets are so quick and easy.   But I think this is fairly 
common with the little ones, so I try to be patient.   (with everything!!!!!)

    With Claire it has always been extremely difficult to control her bgs.  
Even pumping we are having very erratic numbers and I'm beginning to think it 
has a lot to do with her mood.  After a very trying week, this weekend her 
bgs were great.  She had her best friend to play with and sleep over, so was 
very happy--she hadn't seen her in almost a month.   Anyone else have any 
observations or ideas like this?

Barbara, Mum of Claire 7, whose highest bg today was 110.
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