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[IP] Staph_Infection

I am just writing to let everyone know about my weekend.  My daughter who is 
15 and is on the pump got a blister about a week ago from rollerblading.  
Friday afternoon she came home and said that her leg hurt so bad that she 
could hardly walk on it.  She then lifted her pant leg and showed me where 
her blister was.  But now it was a large open wound.  We decided that she 
probably should go to the ER.  Well ends up that she has a staph infection.  
They contemplated about admitting her but decided to give her a shot of 
penicillin plus put her on oral antibiotics and watch it real close.  So far 
it seems like the antibiotics are working.  Tomorrow we will find out what 
kind of staph infection it is.  I just can't believe that this all started 
from a blister and how fast it came on.  This really scared me.  I guess I am 
going to really have to watch any blisters or cuts she gets from now on.  

Is this very common?  I thought staph infections were just what you got from 

Just thought I would let everyone now about our weekend.  

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