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[IP] Desperate for Help

Moira,  I had two reactions to your post.  !)  Could it be hormones?  I'm an 
adult, but with my own cycles I have to raise my basals to 150% each month 
for a one week period.  And 2)  Did you try using a different box (with a 
different lot #) of infusion sets?  I think Minimed is wrong when they say 
that there has never been  bad  infusion sets.  I use Disetronic tenders.   
I'm not sure if they're the same, but I think they are.  Anyway, last fall I 
had a similar pattern with my bs - about two months after starting.  It took 
me 1 1/2 weeks to realize it was my infusion sets.  The catheter was 
defective right where you screw it in to the pump.  There were no obvious 
leaks, and it didn't look bad.  But, when I felt it with my fingers, it was 
limp and not stiff as usual. Insulin was leaking out, but it was such small 
amounts that I couldn't tell.  I'd have a period of 12-18 hours of good bs  
(most of which was spent trying to get back to normal) followed by an 
outrageous period of high bs.  The sets weren't defective immediately.  They 
just couldn't handle everyday wear and tear.   I kept changing sets, thinking 
it was crimped, I'd see improvement, then high.  You know the routine.   
Disetronic said they had never heard of this problem, but shortly after I had 
the problem someone else on this list posted about the same exact thing.  
Good luck.
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