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Re: [IP] Desperate for help


  That really is strange.  You know I never was comfortable with the Tenders 
(same as Sils) and even though at first it seemed like things were ok later 
on the BGs got really high and Josh complained more of it hurting and I lost 
all confidence in being able to do ANYTHING right.  No we use the Quick sets 
(changed to Sof-sets before) using the insertion device and we are BOTH a LOT 
happier.  And Josh is doing pretty well now.

  Also, could there be a chance that Lauren is pre-menstrual?  Kerri's 
saughter is 10 and apparently is having this start on her already.  And it is 
pretty regular too.  Just ask her!  Anyway, I do hope that Lauren can go back 
on the pump and that you guys can figure this thing out.  Perhaps trying a 
different set for awhile to see if that helps, or an increase in basals for a 
little while to see if it is hormonal.  Oh, it also could be a growth spurt.  
Josh is just coming off of that right now.  He was running some BEAUTIFUL BGs 
for the longest time and then WHAM!!!!  He has been in the 2-300's off and on 
(mostly on this weekend) and I know I need to do some fasting BGs to check 
for the need for basal increase due to growth.

  Hope this helps, even a little!

mom to Joshua
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