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[IP] about rebound from hypoglycemia

The "scientific name" for this is the Somogyi effect.    I quote from
the "Children with Diabetes"  web site

"A swing to a high level of glucose (sugar) in the blood from an
extremely low level, usually occurring after an untreated insulin
reaction during the night. The swing is caused by the release of stress
hormones to counter low glucose levels. People who experience high
levels of blood glucose in the morning may need to test their blood
glucose levels in the middle of the night. If blood glucose levels are
falling or low, adjustments in evening snacks or insulin doses may be
recommended. This condition is named after Dr. Michael Somogyi, the man
who first  wrote about it. Also called "rebound."

My terrific nurse practitioner taught me about  this when we trying to
make the MDI roller coaster settle down for me.  The doctor in the
office was unaware of the phenomenon.

Diana Clayton
Pumping for five months and now feelin' great ---  after 38 years of
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