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Re: [IP] What is the norm...

>   ----- Original Message -----
>   From: email @ redacted
>   But from what I have read nearly everyone
>   here only uses . 5. I'm I doing something's wrong?
> I'm getting very
> confused.
>   Any help or input would be nice...=0)

 It would seem to me that the person who uses an
average of .5 u/hour would be extremily insulin
sensitive.That works out to about 12 U in basal,and if
that was 50% of the TDD you'd only be taking about 24
U/a few U more or less a day.Most adults,based on
weight would take 30+ a day.There are exceptions from
the norm,but this is generally how it is.You should
take however much insulin you need to keep healthy and
not worry about how much someone else takes.I started
out on a basal of .7 an hour,which very quickly
changed to .9(12-1 am), .5 (1-8 am) and 1.0 (8- 12 am)
Then for about two weeks during PMS and
menstruation,all of my basals doubled.Now its back to
being kind of sensitive again,with rates of .9
(12-1),.7 (1 am to 4 pm) and 1.2 (4 pm-12 am)Basals
change alot according to what your lifestyle is
like,but I guess the bolus/carb ratio should stay the
same.That is what I try to shoot for,if the bgs are
off then I adjust the basals first.
              Dx'd 12/10/98
              Pumping 4/23/01

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