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Re: [IP] Desperate for help

Hi Moira! 

Did you try raising some or all of the basal rates? Also, when my
10 1/2yo daughter's bg goes above a certain level (like ~250+), I
have to use a different carb ratio than usual (1:15 instead of
1:20) as well as a different correction factor (1:53 instead of
1:72) until the bgs come down to around ~250 or so (then we
*have* to go back to the normal factors or else she drops TOO
much) - have you tried doing something like that? She doesn't
usually get ketones though (just sometimes). Ketones will require
MUCH more insulin than usual. If moving the site around doesn't
help then it's probably not an absorption problem. We tried
different sets and they didn't seem to make any difference. YMMV.
My daughter started doing stuff like you're describing around the
same age as your daughter, so it probably has a lot to do with
hormones (be prepared - if it's hormones it will likely be
cyclical but with no predictability. At least that's the case
here.) She just went through another bout of this about 6wks ago
and I had to raise some of her basals to almost twice as high as
they had been. Her bgs have been in much better control ever
since (went from a bg average of 276 - UGH! - to a bg average of
I seriously doubt you're all of a sudden doing something wrong
when you had no problems for 5 months. Keep trying different
things. You'll eventually find something that works! 

Take care, Kerri  
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