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Re: [IP] Desperate for help

At 08:21 AM 6/3/2001 Moira C. McCarthy wrote:
 >Hello all,
 >My daughter Lauren, 9, has been on the Minimed 508 with great success since
 >Jan. 18. But a little over a week ago, everything changed. She started
 >spiking huge highs

Is she doing much better under MDI? If so, is the total amount of insulin 
15-25% higher than what you are using on the pump, or a whole lot more than 
that? Are you using Humalog or Regular on MDI?  If not, try using H instead 
of Regular with MDI. Does it work? If using a regular type insulin works on 
MDI and H does not, I'd see the Humalog as the culprit, not the pump. 
First, check the expiration date of your H. If it's OK, has it ever been 
exposed to heat for a time? Humalog can lose potency when kept at very warm 
temperatures for an extended period of time. You might also check with your 
pharmacy... it's possible that they received a batch that was not shipped 
under the proper conditions. You can also try using a buffered Regular 
insulin in the pump. Some people develop a reaction to Humalog and need to 
use a buffered Regular instead.

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