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RE: [IP] Desperate for help

I'm assuming that you've tried the "prime the pump until you see the drop
stuff" and I may be thinking waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay out of the box, but here's a

I started on the pump with no problem last year, but my doctor had this
gizmo that checked your blood sugar every 5 minutes.  The thought was to do
a blood sugar profile before you start on the pump so that you could dial in
the basal rate.  The unit utilizes a special metallic sensor that wears out
after a few days and the sensor is relatively expensive ($200-$300???) but
it automatically records blood sugars every couple of minutes.  I believe
that the sensor was introduced into the body subcutaneously, just like an
infusion set.   The unit that my doctor had did not have a display, but he
said that a new one with a display was being worked on.  I believe that the
unit is made by Minimed.  I don't have all of the details because I never
tried it (I was too impatient and wanted the pump right away!!)

I'm thinking that you find one of these units to borrow and try to
re-establish a profile.  Once you get the profile, you may have a better
chance at pinpointing the problem.

Good Luck!!

Eric Podlogar

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Hello all,

My daughter Lauren, 9, has been on the Minimed 508 with great success since
Jan. 18. But a little over a week ago, everything changed. She started
spiking huge highs (HI on the meter at times, other times in 500's etc) and
getting large ketones. I ruled out EVERYTHING. Threw away the insulin.
Changed the site location. Checked to see if she was sick. Had Minimed send
another pump. Still, it goes on. I now have her off the pump and on UGH
injections. My endo has no experience with the pump (Lauren is his first
patient on one). Yes, I am going to get an endo with pump experience. But in
the meantime, does anyone have ANY idea what could be going on? Minimed said
they have NEVER had a "bad lot" of infusion sets. She uses Sils. The endo
AND Minimed say I must be putting the site in wrong or setting the pump up
wrong but to that I ask: how is it I did it right for five months and all of
a sudden I can't do it right? She reacts perfectly fine to injections --
normal doses bring her down. Has this ever happened to anyone? I have cried
many, many tears this week, and Lauren has cried even more. The poor kid has
had her site changed, gosh, more than 20 times in the past week and a
half!!!!!! We DO NOT want to go back to injections. HELP! Anyone have any

Thank you so much for your time!


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for HELP or to subscribe/unsubscribe, contact: HELP@insulin-pumpers.org
send a DONATION http://www.Insulin-Pumpers.org/donate.shtml