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re:[IP]anybody have the Animas?

I do! And I really like it. It is waterproof. It delivers basal insulin every
3 minutes, even if you use a low basal rate. The only thing sticking out is
the tubing (and most people don't notice that). I've had MANY people think I
recently got a very cool pager ("Can you play games on that?"). Oh, and (from
another thread's question), you can program 12 basal rates/day and you can set
up 4 basal profiles, plus a temporary basal rate. That's a lot more variation
than I use now, but I like that my options are open.
Feel free to e-mail me directly with specific questions. I sometimes skim the
digest quickly and miss some messages.

Heather (& Righteous Babe)
dx'd 9/90, pumping since 4/01
p.s. sorry this is a slow reply, my e-mail is having trouble sending (but not

email @ redacted wrote:
I'm looking into odering a new insulin pump and a new glucose monitor.
Does anybody have the Animas pump? I heard it is waterproof,delivers 1/20
unit of insulin and has no wire or syringe sticking out. What is the most
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