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[IP] Barbara , Mum of Claire and going high after site changes

I don't want my daughter to be high after site changes!  I don't think this 
is the way it should be with a pump.  A friend suggested to me to manually 
prime an extra 20 units through the tubing (i.e., push it through).  Then put 
the resevoir back into the pump.  Prime the pump until you see the insulin 
come out (this can take anywhere from 2 units to 25- I just called MM about 
this and he stated that it CAN take 25 units...I was getting impatient and 
thought I should see insulin coming out after about 3-4 units!).  When you 
see the insulin coming out, you can insert your site.  Don't forget the prime 
to fill the catheter once you have inserted it.  Also, I have read that a 
great time to change sites is before breakfast - you can give a big meal 
bolus which will clear away any tissue or other stuff which may clog the site.
good luck!
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