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[IP] Re: What is the norm...

In a message dated 6/3/01 1:58:13 AM, email @ redacted writes:

>After all that I have read (which has been most helpful). I still have
>a question. My doctor has set me with a 1.2 Basel rate, every hour. I have
>been pumping for just over three months. But from what I have read nearly 
>here only uses . 5. I'm I doing something's wrong? I'm getting very confused.
>Any help or input would be nice...=0)

When I started on the pump, my trainer looked at my records of insulin shots, 
and determined that I took between 25 and 30 unist of insulin in one day. She 
devided the 25 units by 2. Half for basals and half for boluses. She ended up 
with .5/hr as my starting basal dose to be conservative.

She had me set a few different basals to cover different times of the day.  
The first day I dropped and had to eat a lot of glucose tabs through the day 
due to residual Humulin N in my system. I had to run BGs every 2 hours and 
phone her with the results for the first 2 days.
>From that, we determined my patterns and how to adjust the basals through the 
day and night. 

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