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[IP] Prime the pump

In a message dated 6/3/01 1:58:13 AM, email @ redacted writes:

>I had the same experience w\ high BG after a site change. I was put in
>hospital for 4 days to try and figure what was going on. This is what we
>came up with. There is some play in the space between the drive arms of
>pump. MM 508. After u load the new syringe into pump, set it to prime for
>2-3 units, usually that is enough. Occasionally I've used 6-7 units before
>see a drop of insulin at the end of the needle.

The directions say after you fill the cartridge and attach it to the tube, 
push some of the insulin through until you see a drop (you can see it travel 
through the tube). Then, load the cartridge into the pump and prime 5.0 units 
(for the Quick set and Softset-23"). Look for that release at the needle's 
end. Insert, and prime again, this time using whatever amt was in the 
directions with the box of infusion sets--9mm cannula=0.5 and 6mm 
cannula=0.3. This is to fill the space left by the inserter needle.

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