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[IP] Re: Rebound Hypoglycemia

 <<Does anyone experience what I have read as "rebound hypoglycemia"?  
     My CDE doesn't really believe in this phenomenom, but I have seen it 
many times with  my daughter.
 Allison, mom of Amanda, dxd 12/98,  >>

I also saw this many, many times in my daughter who is now 7, when on 
injections.  The first time was actually at school when she was only 4 years 
old, and the teacher forget to allow her her snack before going out to play 
at morning recess.  She had eaten very little of her breakfast that 
morning....  Then it started happening at night.  The last time it happened, 
her bgs shot up to 500 from the low, with treatment of some orange juice, 
obviously too late.  She was too incoherent to manage glucose tabs.  No 
doctor or nurse ever believed me about it either.   I just called them 
"Rebounds"  and they would look at me all puzzled.   Well, gee, not everyone 
goes into a coma.

Barbara, Mum of Claire 7 
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