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Re: [IP] Response for Terry Lemoine


  Reading your post about the Sils is totally like reading what happened to 
us using Tenders, which are the same as Sils.  Did not feel comfortable with 
the insertion, never knew if I had it right, Josh HATED insertions, even with 
EMLA and his BGs were always terrible.  But we switched to the Sof-sets with 
the insertion device and now we are using the Quick Sets.  What a 

  However, there is one part of your post that really bothers me, so if you 
can clarify something for me.  It is the part where you say that your CDE 
finally 'let' you try the Quick Sets.??!!!  What does she have to do with it? 
 Absolutely NOTHING!!!  Neither your endo nor any other trainers/CDEs have 
any say in the choices you make regarding the type of equipment you use on 
your daughter.  NO ONE!!!  My son is on a Disetronic H-Tron+ pump and I had 
NO problems with anyone when we switched to the MM sof-sets/Quick Sets.  That 
includes the insurance company.  As far as our endo and insurance is 
concerned (we have no CDEs or trainers where we live) they all KNOW that I 
know more about what is going on and how it is going than them so they have 
come to trust MY judgement.  Please don't let anyone dictate what they THINK 
is best for YOUR daughter.  Only YOU can do that!!

Sorry....I am now stepping down from the podium and taking a DEEP breath!

mom to Joshua
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