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Re: [IP] Charcot's Foot--CAN IT BE PREVENTED?

email @ redacted wrote:

> Dr. Jeremy DM Cowan wrote:
> > Every diabetic should see a podiatrist 4 times a year.
> I'm curious about this statement. I just saw a podiatrist for the first
> time in my life, (got a little wart removed from the bottom of my food)
> and he said that since my pulses were good, and I have no neuropathy,
> that I'm not at risk of foot problems, and only need to see him as
> needed.

Each patient is an individual and I have told patients the same thing that
yours told you.  But I have seen a lot more cases of patients developing
problems when they didn't see their podiatrist.  When addressing a general
group I err on the safe side by saying that they should see their doc.  You
don't lose anything by seeing your podiatrist more often, but you could
lose something by not seeing them.  I guess my use of the word "every" was
a bit strong, though.  If your podiatrist tells you something different,
follow their advice.  But no matter what they tell you about regular
visits, if you have any questions or concerns, you should see your
podiatrist immediately.

Jeremy Cowan, DPM
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