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Re: [IP] Re: Rebound Hypoglycemia

My son Luke (6) experiences what you describe when he
hits really low, like below 40 mg/dl.  He's also had
rebound ketones when he hits that low.  His endo
confirmed this when it happened.  It's documented in
the training book we got when he was first diagnosed
under the "sick days" section.  We found that in
several cases we were overcorrecting highs after meals
or site changeouts, and giving him too much insulin. 
We read the section in Pumping Insulin on unused
boluses, and factored that into new corrections.  This
has helped avoid these real lows.  And we also found
the section on hypoglycemia helpful.  We estimate how
much carb it takes him to achieve normal (about 80-100
mg/dl) and then we bolus for any fast carbs given that
would take him beyond that range.  That seems to help
reduce the rebound.  We've had fewer high/low/high/low
vicious cycles since doing this.
Good luck!
Shelly V., Austin, TX, mom to Luke, 6, dx'd 10/15/99,
pumping 3/5/01 MM508

Does anyone experience what I have read as "rebound
hypoglycemia"?  Today, my 5 year old stumbled up to me
and said she was low, and I gave her 3 glucose 
tabs right away, and checked her.  She was 30!  I
treated her with about 15-20 g of rapid acting carb
and she was ok.  Later in the day, she was 435, with
no explanation.  I changed her site, and it looked ok
(I just changed it yesterday).  Then I realized she
may have experienced rebound hypoglycemia, where her
glucagon kicked in to raise her BG several hours
later. My CDE doesn't really believe in this
phenomenom, but I have seen it many times with my
Allison, mom of Amanda, dxd 12/98, pumping since 2/01 MM508

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