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[IP] Re: Help Me...(tubing chew)

Hi Missi:

 I forget how old your little one is, but maybe you could try what we did for
our son, 5 (he was 3.5 at the time), who used to GNAW on his fingernails!  We
used that "STOP" stuff, I think by Mavala nail care.  It is a really bitter
liquid that you paint on the ends of the nails like nailpolish (clear) and
when they put their fingers in their mouth it tastes AWFUL!  Maybe "paint" her
tubing a couple times and after a taste of that stuff she will stop pretty

We only used the stuff twice as he learned to stop.

Speaking for my son, I know that if he was chewing on his tubing, the threat
of going back to shots if he kept it up-- would INSTANTLY stop him from doing

Also, we keep his pump encased in the neoprene pouch, and there is a really
strong snap to keep the zipper closed, so if her pump and tubing were all
tucked in there she could not get out anough tubing to chew on! LOL

Let us know how it goes...

(son 5, pumping 10 months)
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