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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V5 #188

I had the same experience w\ high BG after a site change. I was put in the
hospital for 4 days to try and figure what was going on. This is what we
came up with. There is some play in the space between the drive arms of the
pump. MM 508. After u load the new syringe into pump, set it to prime for
2-3 units, usually that is enough. Occasionally I've used 6-7 units before u
see a drop of insulin at the end of the needle. IMPORTANT !! Make sure u see
that insulin at the end of the needle before you inject the new set. I then
prime 1 unit into myself. This has made a tremendous difference for me. Came
to the conclusion that, it took so long for the arms to make contact w\ the
syringe that several hrs would pass before I received that first drop of
insulin. Hope this helps. Barb
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