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[IP] RE: Enjoying our Animas?

In a message dated 6/2/2001 4:40:43 PM Mountain Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> Are you enjoying your Animas pump and all it's features?

Yep!  and more to the point, my 10 year old loves it and uses it like a pro 
already (34 hours and counting) . . . Even though changing basal profiles, 
doing extended boluses, and setting temporary basals (by % - YAY!) is 
something we do jointly, she knows already knows how to do all that on her 
own . . . 

We went to a "end of the year" pool party for Girl Scouts in the afternoon 
after our pump start -- and were already glad to have a waterproof pump with 
no need to disconnect, worry about remembering to reconnect and bolus, or 
having to wonder where to stash a disconnected pump so her insulin didn't fry 
in the sun.  Katie just clipped her pump to her bathing suit bottom and had a 
blast . . . Since it was more silliness and goofing around than major 
exercise, we didn't do anything with her basal rate during the 2 hour party 
-- but it would have been super easy to set a temporary basal if she was 
exerting herself more . . .

The menu-based operation for the Animas pump makes it really easy to use it 
for both routine activities AND for "advanced" things that you don't do very 
often -- I HATE reading manuals and the menu system makes it very easy to 
intuit how to accomplish whatever it is that you're trying to do, even if you 
haven't done it for a while (like say, setting up another new basal profile).

As a parent, I really liked how we can easily set limits on maximum bolus 
amounts, maximum basal rates per hour, and maximum daily insulin (not sure if 
other pumps also have those features) -- Katie's very responsible and 
understands how important it is to be accurate with things like boluses, but 
anyone can make a mistake and these limits (which we can easily adjust or 
eliminate as needed) help guard against her making a serious one.  

For example, most of her carb boluses are usually 1-4 units (sometimes even 
as high as 6u), so we set her maximum bolus at 8 units.  This was she can't 
accidentally give herself a bolus of 12 units instead of 1.2 units.  Although 
we do all her boluses together right now, I know that when she goes back to 
school in the fall, I'll feel better knowing that this kind of thing extra 
protection is in place when she goes to bolus at lunch time or for a snack . 
. .

So far, we really haven't found many features that we would want/could use 
that the Animas pump doesn't have . . . The rep that did part of our training 
did say that the idea of a "delayed bolus" feature (i.e. a bolus that doesn't 
deliver until an hour from now or whatever) is already been submitted as a 
possible future enhancement (though I'm not sure how much we'd use it at this 
point anyway).  A remote control like MM has would be nice in certain 
situations, but the audio bolus feature will cover most of those for now . . .

Are you sorry you asked how we are enjoying our Animas pump?   ;-)

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