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[IP] Response for Terry Lemoine

Terry, I don't have diabetes, but my 5 year old does.  She went on the MM508 
in February, and it was the most stressful 2 months of my life from Feb to 
March.  I was really a B***H (apparently), and didn't sleep and her numbers 
were always high.  Turns out, I just couldn't use the silhouette infusion set 
at all.  I couldn't get it in right, it wasn't reliable, or consistent, and 
worst of all, my little girl hated it every time I changed it.  I had to use 
EMLA or Ela-Max cream to numb the site, and I didn't like using that on a 
child. Thankfully my CDE listened when I complained, and let me try the Quick 
Set inserter.  Ever since then, our lives changed for the better, 
dramatically. The soft set goes in with little or no pain, it is accurate, 
and consistent, and I can leave it in for 3 days.  We love our pump! Get one. 
 I know it will be different if you are used to injections, but it makes life 
more "normal"...you can eat when you want to, what you want to , or just not 
eat at all.
P.S. I have had no problem getting the Quick Set.  Of course the first time I 
yelled at MM and told them I had to have it because my 5 year old refused to 
let me put that awful silhouette needle in her butt, they sent me 2 boxes.  
EVer since then, its smooth sailing (relatively, you know)
Allison, Mom of Amanda 5, dx'd 12/98, pumping 2/01 MM508
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