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[IP] Re: Rebound Hypoglycemia

Does anyone experience what I have read as "rebound hypoglycemia"?  Today, my 
5 year old stumbled up to me and said she was low, and I gave her 3 glucose 
tabs right away, and checked her.  She was 30!  I treated her with about 
15-20 g of rapid acting carb and she was ok.  Later in the day, she was 435, 
with no explanation.  I changed her site, and it looked ok (I just changed it 
yesterday).  Then I realized she may have experienced rebound hypoglycemia, 
where her glucagon kicked in to raise her BG several hours later. My CDE 
doesn't really believe in this phenomenom, but I have seen it many times with 
my daughter.
Allison, mom of Amanda, dxd 12/98, pumping since 2/01 MM508
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