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[IP] New Pumpers update

Thought I would share an update with the mailing list.

I started on a minimed pump a few months ago using Humalog alone.  My prior 
HbA1c was around 5.2, managed with a lot of humalog, a fixed diet, lots of 
lows, and 4-5 shots a day (H/N).

I had already been carb counting so going on the pump was not too 
difficult.  It took about a week to set my basals correctly (had to correct 
for a larger than anticipated dawn phenomenon, and reduction of insulin 
intake by about 30%).  I have lost about 20 pounds due to eliminating a lot 
of fat from my diet (was slowing carb absorbtion too much for the humalog), 
and being able to skip meals when I don't feel like eating (I had almost 
forgotten this was possible).  Scaling back usage during the weight loss 
was fairly easy and rational to plan.  A few variables remain hard to 
account for like restaurant food but guesstimating is mostly a thing of the 
past.  Had a few scares with blood pools leaking out upon site removal but 
no site infections thus far.  Reading the list was a great preparation for 
going on the pump -- thanks for sharing your experiences!

My last HbA1c was 4.8 with lab normal being < 6.  I have many fewer lows 
now and enjoy the ability to sleep in as long as I want (I had forgotten 
how much I missed that).

I do have one question on bubbles in the reservoir for the more experienced 
on the list.  How do I prevent bubble formation which occurs after loading 
the reservior?  The insulin is at R/T when I load it, all bubbles have been 
removed, and yet 1-2 hours after loading numerous bubbles have always 
formed (not too sizable, but prob .1-.2 units worth).  I've tried keeping 
the insulin under slight negative pressure in the bottle in case it was 
dissolved gases popping out under atmospheric pressure but to no 
avail.  Any solutions?  The bubbles don't present a problem unless I go 
down to the last 20-30 units of reservior volume.

Dave S. 
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