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[IP] Re: Misinformation

In a message dated 6/2/01 12:00:40 AM, Amanda writes:

>I decided on MM because of the many safety features.  I was
>told that the animas and D&H Tron from Disetronic do not allow you to
>program more than one basal rate so I chose the MM knowing that I will
>probably have to set various Basal rates for various times of the day.

In a message dated 6/2/01 12:00:40 AM, Sheila writes:

>We have been told to only comment about the pump we wear and not what a
>rep told us about another company's pump

When researching what pump to use, one has to contact each of the companies 
and get their literature, etc. and talk to reps for each company. 

But the big problem is, you might not know what you really want until you 
start pumping. It is difficult to know how many basals and programs you will 
need until you start pumping for real.

By the time you are ready for your 2nd pump, you will know a lot more. ;->

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