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Re: [IP] needle question

HI.  About the needle.  The needle, in most cases, is there to introduce the 
teflon canula into or just under the skin.  Then the needle is taken out and 
you are left with just the short piece of tubing, like an IV, but not into a 
vein.  There are some sets where the needle stays in, but most people use the 
new style where the needle comes out (notice I said MOST)  The whole set is 
secured to your body with adhesive that is either attached to the set or 
placed over it after you remove the instroducer needle.  If there is a video 
in the box, it would be good for you to watch it, SEVERAL times to learn more 
about the system you have received.

  Take a DEEP breath....now exhale...now remind yourself that your are NOT 
alone, that there are over 3000 people waiting here to help you in anyway we 

Good Luck!............don't forget to BREATH!!!

mom to Joshua
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