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Re: [IP] change out problems/bs to high/long


  This is Sylvia.  You've told me you are pretty skinny, right?  Could it be 
that the 9mm canula is too long for you?  Maybe you should be trying the 6mm. 
 The canula could be getting pushed around or pinched by your muscles.  Maybe 
you should try that and see if it is any better.

  Also, you mentioned that this does not happen all of the time but every 
three weeks or so.  Could cycle hormones be a factor in this also?  I mean if 
it seems to be happening, in cycles, could this be part of the culprit and it 
is just cycle hormones that are causing things to go out of whack?  I'm not 
expert, but based on the things you have stated in this posting, it sounds 
like there are some other factors involved, not occlusion!  Check it out and 
let us know what you come up with.  Perhaps get a calender and mark down BGs 
in each day and use the same calender for your cycle, and see if there is any 
correlation.  There should be a natural jump about 7-10 days prior to start 
of period (???)  It just sounds like this to me.  But you know me, Eileen, 
I'm definately NO expert!

mom to Joshua
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