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Re: [IP] change out problems/bs to high/long

Hi Eileen,
I was thinking about your post, and I wonder if there isn't a step you might 
be missing with your pump set up--and maybe only occasionally.  
--Do you prime your tubing by hand or by machine?  Prior to about 7 years 
ago, I didn't know to do a 5unit bolus with my MM to visually check that 
insulin was flowing.  Presumably, if you receive a low basal rate and have 
forgotten this step it could cause you a lot of problems.  AND, if you happen 
to have a bad site with this, you might be getting a double whammie.

The other suggestion I have comes from a lot of sources, but anytime you 
change a set and have two unexplained high sugars in a row, you should change 
sets.  I know this seems rediculous, but I'd say its better to waste tubing 
then body parts--and its always such a relief to change a site and return to 
normal.  Somehow I"m always saying "why didn't I do that sooner....."

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