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Re: [IP] Tubing reliability

>> Over this last week of pumping saline, I've come to realize that
>> keeping the tubing intact may be more of a problem than I realized .
>> . . Seems like a big area of vulnerability . . . Is this consistent
>> with other pumpers experiences???
>heh... heh... do you have a cat??

I have 7 cats and so far they have never damaged the tubing. Once one did
get tangled in it and when she bolted away, as cats sometimes do when
excited, she damaged me but not the tubing. More to the original point, I
have found the tubing and connectors to be incredibly reliable. Even though
I have had a number of catches, snags and pinches (many resulting is pulling
the site out) I have never seen evidence of damage to the tubing. Tubing
failure is very low on my list of worries.
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