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Re: [IP] Saline

In a message dated 6/1/2001 9:09:25 PM Mountain Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

>  Everyone talks about starting on saline
>  a week or so before going on insulin in their pump. When I mentioned this 
>  my CDE she had never heard of this. I was just wondering what area this
>  practice takes place? 

I imagine it's safe to say that the practice of doing a saline trial varies 
more from endo to endo or clinic to clinic than by region of the country . . 

For what it's worth, our pump start was preceeded by a one week saline trial 
at the Barbara Davis Center for CHildhood Diabetes in Denver, Colorado.  
Since they deal primarily with kids (plus teens and some young adults), I 
think they tend to lean towards the conservative side of things in order to 
keep everyone as safe as possible . . . 

A saline start lets you get familiar with the day to day operation of your 
pump and also with the process of changing infusion sets.  I'm glad that we 
did a saline start, but I must admit that if I was an adult starting on the 
pump  I probably wouldn't have been able to resist getting going on insulin 
as soon as I got the pump in my hot little hands.  Plenty of folks have 
started right out on insulin very successfully -- so don't feel like you were 
short changed by not "getting to" pump saline for a while . . .

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