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Re: [IP] Re: why pick a certain pump?

>>  >>  What is the most
>>  >>  ACCURATE and SMALLEST pump?
>>  >>
>>  >
>>  >All of the pumps are accurate, they just have different features,
>>  Is there a third party which has done precise measurements of the
>>  accuracy the pumps?  Perhaps the FDA does tests before they approve
>>  them?  Do we really know that one is not substantially more accurate
>>  than another?  It might even be that one is more accurate at low
>>  basal rates and another at higher ones.  Is there reliable and
>>  impartial information on this somewhere?
>The mechanics of how they work dictates the ultimate accuracy. The
>only way they would not be accurate is if the actually missed a
>stroke or increment or if their is an EXTERNAL leak in the insulin
>delivery tubing or syringe.

Any mechanical device has a certain amount of error, both in accuracy 
and in precision.  It seems likely to me that there are significant 
differences between the pumps, even in the absence of leaks, tubing 
problems, or user errors.  I would not expect any pump to be perfect.

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