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Re: : Re: [IP] Charcot's Foot HELP!!

Just thought I'd give you all a little trivia.

email @ redacted wrote:

> Charcot was a french dr.
> who discovered this diabetic complication many years ago.

Actually he was studying neuropathy in Leprosy.  It wasn't until much later that
they realized the same thing happened to diabetics.

> The bones in the arch break into little pieces and causes a large bump
> on the inside of the arch.

One of the most common residual deformities is a "dropping" of the navicular bone
causing the navicular and/or the talus to push out and down on the arch and
forming a "large bump" with very large ulcer forming pressures.

> I have never heard of it in a non diabetic.

Diabetes is surely the most common cause of Charcot, but it is also associated
with Leprosy, Tabes Dorsalis, Syringomyelia, Charcot-Marie-Tooth, and a number of
other even lessor known etiologies.

> For a gal the worst thing about this is that i
> can never really get dressed up wearing tennis shoes!!!!

Have you looked into orthopedic shoes lately.  There have been some pretty good
advances.  They still aren't going to look like dress shoes, but they can look a
little less dressed down than gym shoes.

Jeremy Cowan, DPM
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