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[IP] change out problems/bs to high/long

Hi, it Eileen, need some help i did a change out yesterday and was fine for a 
few hours then my sugar went up to 500 after a picnic i went to, so i have 
myself a shot, then i came down to 222, me taking 5 units of humalog, then 
before bed, was 461. so checked the pump over, gave myself a shot, set my 
alarm for 2am sugar was 96, then 6am back up to 371 with ketones, so i did a 
change out, what a waist of insulin etc. drank a lot of fluids and went to 
work. sugar ran high still at 291 with ketones, so i gave myself another 
injection, in additon to the one from 6am, then finally it went down to 96, 
then around 11am it seemed like the pump began to work, its strange but this 
happens to me every few weeks. strange isn't it, its like pump is clogged 
then starts working. oh sorry to go on. have a nice day take care Eileen, 
p.s. but i am not giving up, things will get more smoother i am sure. the 
only thing i miss from the old way is the  buffer you had with ultralente!!
then i did a change out today and had no problems so far so good. what could 
i be doing wrong. i spoke to my cde and she asked if i was using the 
quickserter with the quicksets standing up, i am, and if i am using the 9mm 
canula and i am. i am priming, i am doing everything that i am supposed to. i 
never get any alarms for occlusions, she said its because i am having half an 
occlusion which my minimed 508 does not recognize. i need some help. i am 
afraid everytime i do a change out. i use to run to low like 17 and 19 and 40 
almost everyday that i why i went on the pump. but i know being this high 
can't be good, i have retinopathy (but was fixed by laser thank goodness) or 
i should say controlled. i also have neuropathy too. so the higher my sugars 
the worse for these condtions as we all know. i am clueless on how to stop 
having these occlusions so much. any help please thank you. i use the 23 inch 
tube with 9mm canula. i mean could my pump get clogged so much?? what is 
going on. thanks again eileen
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