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Re: [IP] I have a suggestion

At 09:18 AM 6/1/2001 J Hughey wrote:
 >> Subject: [IP] please remove me
 >> please remove me from list at this time
 >> - ----------------------------------------------------------
 >Since we get these messages daily - with repeated instructions to please post
 >these requests to the help addy that is posted to each and every messages
 >(including THIS one) - tI suggest that the next request we see come through
 >here, ALL 3,200 of us send a private e-mail to the requester!!!  YMMV

Although I admit that I get tired of writing the same silly message each 
time, we also have to realize that a lot of members are new to email and 
the Internet. I would guess that 90% of these requests are made to the main 
list, just because they don't know how to change the email address and/or 
somehow think that these requests are magically handled by the system. The 
only magic is one of the volunteers finding the mail and re-sending it to 
the HELP address.

I really don't think harassing the person by sending them 3,200 messages 
will do any good, so please let's not do that. It's not fair to punish 
someone for not understanding how this all works. We all have to start 
learning someplace.  Let's not make this list seem like a hostile place.

So why do I write my little message each time?? My main goal is to get some 
of our current members to read it, so they will know what to do the next time.

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