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Re: [IP] Site War Zone

> I have not had any problems  yet.  I use my sets for 3 days I have had
> some small welts and redness but nothing serious

> what is Eucharin, and where can I find it.

Eucerin is a good hypoallergenic moisturizer and my dermatologist recommends
it for use on diabetic skin. It also soothes skin.Curel is alot cheaper and
just as good tho! I don't have dry skin but use it anyway to make sure the
skin is moist enough to heal well and stays flexible. It's availabable at
any major pharmacy chain. I found that taking good care of the skin and
keeping the skin soft and suple helps minimize annoyance (I'm sensitive to
adhesive). I've kept sets in as long as 6-7 days and have some doozy's of
scars from those:)  The redness can also be treated cosmetically
with...Visine or another eye drops. I know it sounds ridiculous. My husband
tried this on my set marks and it works beautifully tho:).

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